About Us


SUPER GT is the fastest Grand Touring (GT) motorsport in the world. 44 international teams and 88 world renown drivers, they compete for the GT 300 and GT 500 championship titles. Their race machines, 13 global factory brands from Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Honda, Lamborghini, Lexus, Lotus, Mercedes AMG, Nissan,  Porsche, Subaru to Toyota will tour 8 grueling circuits in 2019 to claim their rightful titles. SUPER GT is owned and managed by GTA Co., Ltd..

Haro Sports & Entertainment is the official promoter of Super GT Festival Malaysia 2020 and authorised distributor SUPER GT content (outside of Japan). Through Haro Sports & Entertainment, Multiverse Partners (MVX Management LLP),  a media specialist company, has been commissioned to undertake the international business development and rights management of SUPER GT content distribution, advertising and sponsorships.